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Why Not Online?


As OkieSpice and Trade Co has grown this past 2 years, there have been many discussions about selling online. It is a subject that has been talked about since day 1 but never was it a goal to be achieved in a set time frame. OkieSpice was never been meant to be online is meant to be experienced. Savored with all your senses.....first and foremost....because when you walk in the smell is incredible!  The first comment when folks step inside is "It smells so good in here!"  After that first initial never gets old either!  (Or so we are told!)  Add that to the incredible sampling that goes on with our great products.....and folks just cant stay away!  Even if you try to just pop in's hard to just grab what you need and leave. There is always something new to see, a new product to try or someone interesting to visit with! 

For those that have the time......OkieSpice is a fun way to just wander in and get happy.....because there is always something new to see! Our store is a carefully curated place, filled with unique treasures....from new food finds to funny yet (sometimes inappropriate) items you never knew you needed,,,,,with new spice blends to sample or hidden treasures to discover. The community interaction cannot be translated to an online store either!  The discussions that arise from our customers are priceless!  Our special relationship with our partners that create some of our products is another reason OkieSpice cannot be duplicated online. You just never know who you will "meet or greet" with!  Our Sample Saturdays are quite the plethora of Made in Oklahoma (and beyond!) products and a great opportunity to meet the folks creating the products we love! In fact, many of OkieSpice recipes are built upon the shared experiences of our wonderful customers.  Folks with a passion for trying new things, or the experience to back their tried & true methods, are what makes OkieSpice a fun place to pop in and talk food!  You just never know what you will learn at OkieSpice!  Listening to the giggles from our "naughty corner" as customers get tickled looking at some of OkieSpice's gift items are a priceless feeling as well. Shared laughter (or shared knowledge for that matter) between strangers is what OkieSpice is all about. The sights, sounds, and aromas cannot be recreated through online shopping and quite frankly, OkieSpice cannot be duplicated by adding a product to a cart and getting it shipped to your home. 

However, in this weird time in history, we have come to the realization that we must offer a sampling of what OkieSpice is all about.....even if it's just a small slice of what our customers have shown us they love!  Our online store cannot begin to convey the feeling when you walk into OkieSpice, but by offering this choice for our customers, along with curbside pickup, hopefully we can make a tough time a little bit easier. Just know we would rather see you in person, hear your fabulous ideas for our products, and know your family. 

Magic City Books explained it best when they talked about why they chose not to sell online...….

"You are the main ingredient in our recipe. Everything else is there to enhance the flavor."  Magic City Books -A Tulsa Literacy Coalition Project