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Our Story-Then & Now

OkieSpice and Trade Co is a mix of everything Steve and I love and enjoy!  Our shared enjoyment of food, spicy flavor and a fun lifestyle led us down this road when we met 10 years ago! We took off on cool road trips, great travels and many festivals making memories along the way. Because of this, what was once an abstract idea has now become our way of life!

OkieSpice is exactly the type of place we ALWAYS looked for on our own travels: Eclectic, unique and filled with great items you just can't find anywhere else!  Of course spices are our first love but there is SO MUCH MORE to check out at OkieSpice.

We were honored to be awarded the title of "Best Gift Shop" in the Tulsa Metro area in 2021 & 2022 by the readers of the Tulsa World. Slowly but surely, our hard work made OkieSpice a true destination place that became exactly what we used to seek out! 


The Cheese Factory has currently stopped production & is on hiatus.

"The Cheese Factory" at OkieSpice & Trade was our next adventure, and currently we actually create 14 different artisan cheeses onsite! If you've tasted our cheese, you know it's something special and you most likely already have a favorite! It can be found almost exclusively at OkieSpice and Trade Co, but it's also a featured item in several menu items at Hippy Cowgirls Bou-Dega, our Made in Oklahoma focused wine and cheese bar plus boutique that opened in early 2022.


Hippy Cowgirls Bou-Dega closed in September 2023.


Hippy Cowgirls Bou-Dega is our latest adventure, right next door to OkieSpice and Trade. Steve and I have met so many amazing people over the last few years, some that drive a few blocks and others that drive across a few state lines! We're excited to now be able to provide a place to sit down and enjoy Sand Springs for a little while longer before heading to their next destination. With a menu focused on Made in Oklahoma (MIO) wines, local craft beers and Made in Oklahoma (MIO) menu choices, we get to work with many of the same local vendors that make the things you know and love from next door! Hippy Cowgirls is part Wine & Cheese Bar and part western flair/boho boutique, but the star of the show is our patio!


OkieSpice and Trade Co is closing the brick & mortar location & transitioning to online shopping only as of October 28th 2023.  Steve and I thank you for your support over the years, and look forward to continuing to share these experiences, stories, and OkieSpice ideas with you!