OkieSpice Grilled Shrimp

  Another Summer Grillin Dish that is so easy......and easy to add other veggies to as well. Onions & Peppers are always cooked a bit before ad...
  • Kim Zieg

Beer Can Chicken

What’s not to love about a Beer Can Chicken? Seriously it’s THE summer hit at our place!  “It’s like Friday night, a 3-day weekend......something i...
  • Kim Zieg

Summertime 2010

   Summertime just means alot to us! Lake life and cooking out go together (kinda like Steve and I) and this dish is a perfect reminder of great s...
  • Kim Zieg

Kim’s Italian Meatballs

Our Tuscany Dipping Seasoning is so versatile and we just keep finding new ways to use it! The only problem is we have created a monster time hog i...
  • Kim Zieg