OkieSpice Grilled Veggies



                       Grilled  OkieSpice Veggies


*1 Red Pepper

*1 Green Bell Pepper

*2 medium yellow squash

*2 medium zucchini

*8 oz mushrooms

*1 onion


*2 Tsp OkieSpice Herbs de Provence

*2 Tsp OkieSpice Lime Pepper

*3 Tsp OkieSpice Garlic Shot

*1 Tsp OkieSpice  Hickory Smoked Sea Salt

*3 Tbsp Garlic Olive Oil

*Hickory Smoked Balsalmic


Slice / cut all veggies into large chunks or bite sized pieces.  Place into a large bowl and with drizzle olive oil.  Sprinkle all seasonings over the veggies and stir till well coated.  Using one side of preheated grill, turn heat to high and heat perforated grill pan. Pour veggies onto hot grill pan. Turn down to medium high heat. Leave veggies alone for 10 minutes, then stir only occasionally for the next 20 minutes, letting them char a bit before stirring. Remove from grill after 30 minutes. Place grill pan on cookie sheet to catch drippings and lightly drizzle with Hickory Smoked Balsamic if desired.


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  • Kim Zieg